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Canadian Federal Permit System

FPS to Latitude and Longitude

Latitude Longitude
Unit Section Degree Minute Degree Minute

38 62-30 N 114-15 W
Hay River
F 72 61-00 N 115-30 W

Latitude and Longitude to FPS

GPS Location
Latitude Longitude

Latitude 62.464583   Longitude -114.355469
Hay River
Latitude 60.856250   Longitude -115.738281

Latitude   Longitude
Degree Minute Second N/S   Degree Minute Second E/W

62° 27' 52.50" N 114° 21' 19.69" W
Hay River
60° 51' 22.50" N 115° 44' 17.81" W

Map showing area covered by the Canadian Federal Permit System

The Canadian Federal Permit System is a Land Division System used for oil and gas exploration and regulation in Canada.

It covers the

  • Northwest Territories (including offshore)
  • Nunavut (including offshore)
  • Atlantic Ocean (offshore Maritimes)
  • Pacific Ocean, (offshore British Columbia)
  • Hudson Bay
The FPS uses a set of survey grids that have east and west boundaries every 10 minutes of latitude and a width of 15 minutes of longitude (south of 70 degrees North) that changes to 30 minutes (north of 70 degrees North). Each survey grid is further subdivided into sections and units.

Each grid is know by the latitude and longitude of it's North East corner.


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